Lead Reports for Companies that Sell to Restaurants

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“Restaurant Activity Report is a solid company that delivers! Their data is accurate and helpful to capitalize from! I met RAR at a tradeshow and previously had a colleague that also utilized their leads. My company was subsequently enrolled in their services and we have been able to have an ROI of a couple hundred percent at least. The leads they provided were thorough and precise, and, furthermore, they provide a personal touch that you just don’t get any longer from most companies.

I highly recommend using Restaurant Activity Report for their restaurant and hospitality leads. They’re tenured in their trade and well equipped to provide your company several hundreds times the minimal investment required.”

 -- Katrina D., Georgia

“Your data checks out 100% as to the restaurant opening dates, owners’ names, and phone numbers. Your list puts me easily in front of 5 – 10 good prospects per month. After 13 years in the industry I realize the importance of good well documented leads.”
 -- Stephen C., North Carolina

“I get at least 10 new qualified leads per month, which translates to better then $20,000 in additional sales, and my close ratio increases by 400%. More importantly, each of my sales reps now have an extra 12 hours per month to sell smarter rather than looking for permits.”
 -- Sterling B., California

“Your report gives me the edge I need to get in the door first. I have added $9,000 in monthly sales in just the last few months. This is a great tool that helps my sales team stay way ahead of the competition.”
 -- Rick M., Maryland/D.C.

“The Restaurant Activity Insider Report is perfect for me. It increases my business substantially every month. I would gladly pay far more for the same report.”
 --  Mario F., South Florida

“This report is consistently reliable. The leads are always fresh, and the information is accurate. Your research staff is impeccable. Our sales staff gathers a plethora of leads each month.”
 --  Joanna Pomilio, Office Manager, Cardservice International (Raleigh, NC)

“I’ve been with this company for 3 years … A lot of my success with this was through the use of the new restaurant leads. I would recommend this report to any sales-man who is serious about the selling of his or her product and service. The staff at Restaurant Activity Report has treated me and the company I work for with respect and willingness to help in every way.”
 -- Billy Hart, Charlotte/NC

“The details included for each restaurant have increased my closing rate 5 times the normal rate. We visit at least 30 new restaurants per month and sign-up about 15-20 new ones. This adds about $15,000 in new sales per month. Thanks for this priceless report!”
 -- Sly G., South Florida