Lead Reports for Companies that Sell to Restaurants

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“Your data checks out 100% as to the restaurant opening dates, owners’ names, and phone numbers. Your list puts me easily in front of 5 – 10 good prospects per month. After 13 years in the industry I realize the importance of good well documented leads.”
 -- Stephen C., North Carolina

“I get at least 10 new qualified leads per month, which translates to better then $20,000 in additional sales, and my close ratio increases by 400%. More importantly, each of my sales reps now have an extra 12 hours per month to sell smarter rather than looking for permits.”
 -- Sterling B., California

“Your report gives me the edge I need to get in the door first. I have added $9,000 in monthly sales in just the last few months. This is a great tool that helps my sales team stay way ahead of the competition.”
 -- Rick M., Maryland/D.C.

“The Restaurant Activity Insider Report is perfect for me. It increases my business substantially every month. I would gladly pay far more for the same report.”
 --  Mario F., South Florida

“This report is consistently reliable. The leads are always fresh, and the information is accurate. Your research staff is impeccable. Our sales staff gathers a plethora of leads each month.”
 --  Joanna Pomilio, Office Manager, Cardservice International (Raleigh, NC)

“I’ve been with this company for 3 years … A lot of my success with this was through the use of the new restaurant leads. I would recommend this report to any sales-man who is serious about the selling of his or her product and service. The staff at Restaurant Activity Report has treated me and the company I work for with respect and willingness to help in every way.”
 -- Billy Hart, Charlotte/NC

“The details included for each restaurant have increased my closing rate 5 times the normal rate. We visit at least 30 new restaurants per month and sign-up about 15-20 new ones. This adds about $15,000 in new sales per month. Thanks for this priceless report!”
 -- Sly G., South Florida