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Time is money and knowledge is power. Stop wasting both.
You get paid to sell, not find leads.

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Restaurant Lead Report (Pre-Open)

Existing Restaurant Leads

Email Marketing Blast

LinkedIn Automation

Custom Lead Lists

Restaurant Lead Report (Pre-Open)

Does your outside sales team want to know about new restaurants BEFORE their Grand Opening?

They better!

Existing Restaurant List

Have an outbound sales strategy?

If you are doing outbound marketing and not using this database, you are wasting money!

Email Marketing Blast

Want another angle to reach prospects?

Email Marketing will drive new customers to you! And We can do it for you!

LinkedIn Automation

We find hundreds of restaurant decision makers each week and help you connect with them automatically. You won’t even meet them until they are interested in your business!

Custom Lead Lists

We send you a complete file for your area(s) from the most current database of existing restaurants available today. 

“The best investment in your own productivity, bar none, is outsourcing lead generation. It’s repetitive work, that clutters up your life and mind—and when added up, costs you hours of your time and untold profit margins.”

Rick Wilcox, CEO, Restaurant Activity Report


Those Who Focus on What Matters Will Win.

What makes an outstanding sales rep? We’ve learned that the best salespeople focus their efforts on their most important priorities. This means concentrating on just four major activities:

1 Finding qualified prospects
2Determining potential needs
3Offering solutions
4Closing sales

That’s it. That’s really all that sales people should be doing.

Restaurant Activity Report will help you free up time so that you can predictably and reliably reach out to clients, determine their needs, and close more sales—no matter the climate.
Typical Sales Rep % of Weekly Hours


Busy is not profitable

On any given day, the average Sales Rep spends nearly 23% of their time on administrative work and in meetings, 10% “planning” or searching for information and just 22% — or about 2 hours a day — on the meaningful and rewarding work that moves the needle. (PaceProductivity)

Our world is changing faster than ever. Those who thrive will anticipate the changes and take strong, decisive action. They will consistently market, consistently publish, and consistently make new connections.