LinkedIn Automation


Fast Action: Start getting connections and responses in just a few days. Let the leads start flowing in immediately!

Automation: Like having a silent sales team working behind the scenes for you! You don’t need to do anything except respond to leads and show up to automatically booked appointments.

Multi-Channel Marketing: Email sequences, LinkedIn connection requests, follow-up messages, and automated InMails can promote each other. Meet your prospects where they want to be met.

Reach: Use the power of social media to expand your reach and cover your entire sales area in an automated way!

Personalization: Automation is best when it’s invisible. Send one message to a general manager and a different message to the owner.

Hands-off Lead Generation: We find hundreds of restaurant decision makers each week and help you connect with them automatically. You won’t even meet them until they are interested in your business!

Easy: No social media experience or LinkedIn knowledge needed.

How It Works

The Workflow

* We’ll help you set up Parabola and Phantombuster

By the Numbers
  • 400 new connection requests sent every month.

  • 30% average connection request acceptance rate (over 100 new Linkedin connections per month).

  • Up to 50 InMails sent from your LinkedIn each month (Sales Navigator account required to send InMails).

  • 300-400 Follow up messages to all accepted connection requests monthly. 

  • 6% engagement rate with appointments made or more info requested (vs 1-2% for cold emails).

  • Cost is only $300/mo if combined with the Email Blast, $450/mo à la carte.

  • Put your calendar appointment link in every message to automate your entire campaign!

Here’s a Live Customer’s campaign as an example