Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your data for new restaurant leads come from?

Our research staff spends hundreds of hours each month scouring permits, trade journals, and dozens of other sources. We don’t have any magic. We simply do the hard work so you won’t have to!


What areas are covered by your publications?

We cover the 48 contiguous states with 43 verified trade area reports and all 50 states with the verified trade area reports. Click here to see a detailed list.


How much does it cost to subscribe?

Verified leads start as low as $99 per month per trade area. Call for regional pricing and information on quarterly and annual discounts.


When will my new restaurant leads be delivered?

We publish fresh information 4 days per week, Monday through Thursday. We send an email notification at the exact time of day that the leads are published. Subscribers can log in at any time to view new and existing leads.


What data is included in each publication?

Each report is comes packed with information including but not limited to; Trade Name, Location Type, Owner Name, Owner Title, Owner Phone, Owner Email, Address, Price Level, Menu Type, Website, and Social Media.

How many leads or activity data entries can I expect in each publication?

It depends on the time of year and which part of the country you cover. Please call a representative at 866-610-5765 to get a specific number for your area.


Can I search for leads based on filters I choose?

There is an “advanced search” option which allows the subscriber to define their search using a number of options, including city, state, zip code, phone number, email address and more.


Can my leads be automatically uploaded into my CRM?

We have introduced an integration program that can be used with a number of the most popular CRM’s. Working with our IT Department, you can choose exactly how you would like your leads imported. You can also use the .csv download to manually import the leads into any CRM or database you are using for customer management.


Can I get a sample of the publications?

Simply click on the “Free Sample” tab at the top of this page to select your type of account and you can test drive the system – on our dime!


How does billing work after my free sample?

All of our subscriptions are month-to-month, although we do offer pre-payment and multiple-area discounts. (Please call a representative at 866-610-5765 to get full details.)

Most subscribers opt to use our automated payment system to pay by credit card each month; your Account Manager can help to activate your subscription by credit card when he or she contacts you to welcome you, or you can call a representative at 866-610-5765 to begin. We will always e-mail a receipt to you within one business day of the time your card is charged.

Please contact a billing representative at 866-610-5765, to provide your company’s Accounts Payable contact information or to request a W-9.

Subscriptions with past-due invoices will be frozen until receivables are settled.