About Us

Since 1998, The Restaurant Activity Report has been the industry leader in providing research data about new restaurants opening and changing hands throughout the United States. What sets us apart is our research staff, which spends hundreds of hours each month scouring new business data. We do the hard work, so you do not have to.

From the very beginning, we have been focused on three principles: Quality, Reliability, and Team. It was obvious that if we were to survive, and ultimately thrive, we would have to deliver accurate results in a timely manner on a consistent basis. Our dedication to finding and hiring the right people, and then training and supporting them, has led to an incredible group of expert researchers.

We enjoy a good challenge and get the most joy from helping other people succeed. 

Our Job Is Your Success

“I have been using the Restaurant Activity Report for over a year now and these are the most valuable leads I’ve seen on the market! In fact, this lead source alone counts for several thousand dollars in weekly volume. If you sell to restaurants, then here at Alsco, we highly recommend using these leads to grow your business.” – Anthony Schmidt, Alsco Florida