Restaurant Lead Report (Pre-Open)

Does Your Outside Sales Team Want To Know About New Restaurants Before Their Grand Opening?

Our qualified lead report for companies that sell to restaurants includes the hottest restaurant openings in your area, based on dozens of insider sources that we personally interview. We can get you in touch with independent owners first, through maximum detail like direct contact information. Our leads are not pulled from the usual cold-call sources. Our research staff spends hundreds of hours each month combing through dozens of sources, from construction journals to blogs, to hand-select and interview the best new independent restaurant openings in your area. You literally can’t do it yourself cheaper than buying a subscription to the Lead Report. Gathering this information would take you far more than 10 hours per month. I know you make more than $10/hour so stop wasting your time looking and start spending your time doing what makes you money, SELLING!

The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

It’s not just a cliché, it’s the truth. More often than not a busy restaurant entrepreneur/owner is going to need to talk to vendors from 40+ different industries to open a new restaurant. They don’t have time to interview and get quotes from every single vendor in each industry with a new restaurant coming soon. They are almost forced to move quickly and make fast decisions. If you get in the door first you can focus on solving his problems and stop selling on price. We can help!

These verified Pre-opening Restaurant leads provide you a huge advantage and you will want to jump on these right away to beat the competition to the sale!

Local or national, we have the perfect report for your trade area. Our 42 trade areas cover the entire continental USA.


Restaurant Lead Report Areas: