Full Pipeline equals High Margins

A full sales pipeline keeps Salespeople confident and margins high

An Account Executive (AE) who is striving for their sales quota and also worries about their sales pipeline is a dangerous part of the staff. The last thing a sales manager wants is an AE out competing on price with customers who aren’t committed. The more prospects you have for sales the less chance you will spend time grinding away with a dead lead who isn’t fully engaged.

A full sales pipeline dictates that an AE qualifies their pipeline and focuses on the most profitable; it’s simply human nature and good business. The AE will strive to meet with the opportunities that represent the better business. They are afforded the chance to spend time with leads that aren’t trying to take advantage of them.

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And ultimately, the best way to improve conversion is to focus your efforts on prospects that represent a REAL opportunity. The faster you stop chasing the price competition and prospects that will never convert, the higher your ROI. Your AE’s confidence will soar and achieving not just quotas but also profit margins become as easy as lifting a feather!

If you sell directly to restaurants and want to pack your sales pipeline we would enjoy a 15-minute call to show you how.